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Foooit – Air Duster (Dust Remover/Compressed Air)

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Foooit™ is the India’s top rated compressed air duster can for all your electronic products like ✓Computer ✓Laptop ✓AC ✓Lab equipment and many more to clean dust particles which are hard to reach.


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Foooit™ is the India’s top-rated powerful compressed air duster that has revolutionized the pressure cleaning system with its multi-functional, flexible usability and powerful ability to clean the hard-to-reach surfaces with incredible efficiency.

Product Details

  • Pressure Cleaning Flammable compressed gas duster
  • Extended Cleaning Comprises of an extension tube
  • Quick n Easy (or Handy or Easy-to-use or User-Friendly) Comes in easy to use spray bottle of size: 10oz
  • Multi-Use Removes dust & debris in home and office
  • Cleans like a Pro Cleans hard to reach areas efficiently


Foooit™ is ideal for cleaning the computer, electronic devices or other devices that are compact, delicate and hard to reach. It is portable and delivers powerful jet action to remove particles instantly from even the densest areas.

Foooit™ Air Duster does not contain any additives that can contaminate electronic devices. It is flammable and blows away dust and microscopic contaminants from sensitive electronic appliances.

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