No-Scratch Cleaning

Removes dust and debris without scratching and residue.

Ideal Clean for Electronic Devices

Easily cleans computers or back end servers, electronic devices and other appliances.

Reaches Everywhere

Includes an extension tube to reach impenetrable areas.


Non-corrosive and does not damage delicate equipment.


Ozone safe product as it contains no CFC’s.

Multifunctional Cleaning Solution

Can be used as a powerful cleaner for various surfaces.

High Pressure Cleaning

Removes stubborn particles even from hard-to-reach places with its pressure-clean system. So you don’t have to give extra effort for extra cleaning!

Flexible Usage

The hand-held spray bottle comes with an extension tube that ensures spic n span cleaning even in hard-to-reach areas


Ozone-Safe as it contains no CFC, so you enjoy guilt-free and safe cleaning!