A Revolutionary Product that is Easy to Use & Offers Great Value for Money!

Foooit™ is a wonderful cleaning aide for every electronic appliance and other surface areas that need precision cleaning or dusting. This Air Duster Spray is an exceptional tool for computers and small electronic devices, so good that it is considered an essential equipment for maintaining computers or back-end servers in an IT room or server farms. It does wonders while cleaning areas that are otherwise very hard to reach by other means.

Foooit™ Air Duster is a flammable 10oz bottle that removes dust, dirt and microscopic debris from impenetrable or sensitive-to-touch areas of home and office without leaving any residue. It has no CFCs so is considered as ozone safe.

Foooit™ is recommended for cleaning a miscellany of electronics and other appliances, tools and items having a hard to reach surface that easily collects dust and requires a cleaning tool dissimilar to the norm, something a little “special” and “more” precise than would be commonplace in dusting tools or dust removers. The can’s small tube can reach into the tiniest of holes and “FOOO” the dust particles that reside there.